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The Lifeguard store of Watermen

Original Watermen’s lifeguard store is stocked with all the lifeguard gear your agency may need to fully outfit your rescue swimmers, seal team units or beach or pool lifeguards. Our lifeguard apparel is made by lifeguards, for lifeguards, so we know what kind of top-performance equipment is needed for resisting the training, exercise, and strenuous activity lifeguards do on a daily basis. Whether use revolves around salt water, sun or chlorine, our gear is satisfaction guaranteed.

Our lifeguard store and lifeguard lounge outfits over 1,900 agencies across the globe, ranging from ocean lifeguards, city pools, water park guards to military Special Forces. Our swimwear is also proven to be quick drying, so lifeguards can comfortably go from the water to the tower and dry quickly with no problem. In our lifeguard store, you will also find Jr. Guard swimsuits and other lifeguard equipment. The store carries a complete line of Jr. Guard swimwear, from swimsuits, trunks and Jr. Lifeguard rashguards to backpacks and Da Fins surf rescue fins.

While some lifeguard stores haven’t upgraded their lifeguard uniform or apparel design in over a decade, Original Watermen is constantly improving on a new and better fit that are comfortable 15 hours a day. In the lifeguard store you will find the most up-to-date cutting edge fabrics and styles to comfortably fit your lifeguard unit. The Watermen Stretch short is made of a new four-way super stretch fabric, making it the most popular boardshort in the industry. For female guards, we have both one- and two-piece swimsuit designs. The Elasta Girl Super Stretch Short is made with the same high-tech four-way super stretch poly microfiber as in our men’s line, and can be used both as a regular short and a cover up. Within the lifeguard store, we can embroider most swimwear with your agencies name and logo – give us a call for more information.

The lifeguard store also carries a huge selection of water and ocean inspired tees and cold weather clothes. We are continually striving to improve and provide the best quality, fit, funtion and comfort in all of our lifeguard products. Our lifeguard store carries a new Watermen Pant that is worn by guards across the country, and can be used for training and working out in colder weather.

The lifeguard store at Original Watermen also carries a full range of equipment, including Da Fin rescue fins, the best lifeguard and big wave rescue sleds, lifeguard tubes and cans, backboards, packs and whistles and most lifeguard First Aid supplies. The Orginal Watermen lifeguard store has proven time and time again to have the highest quality standards concerning swimwear and equipment in the industry. 

Original Watermen strives to have the most resilient lifeguard shorts in the industry

Since the late ‘70s, Original Watermen’s lifeguard shorts have been proven to be a favorite in the lifeguard industry. Starting with the company’s first lifeguard shorts being sold to local Carlsbad watermen, then to California State Parks and now outfitting over 1,900 organizations worldwide, this equipment has been put to the test.

Our popular line of Retro Lifeguard Shorts is our most streamlined cut. Lifeguards love the fit because of the super soft Cool plus Liner instead of a mesh liner, which prevents chaffing. And of course, they are popular because of their five inch inseam. For the more conservative, we also have longer lifeguard shorts and boardshorts that will keep your agency comfortable, quickly dry, and are stylish. The Watermen Pro Lifeguard Boardshort is preferred by more than 75,000 lifeguards around the world.

Not to leave our waterwomen out, our line of women’s lifeguard shorts are just as elite. Our just-as-popular Elasta Girl Super Stretch Short is 100% poly microfiber and is a four-way Super Stretch short. The new stretch short fabric is the next wave of technology for lifeguard shorts and boardshorts alike, upgrading trends from previous nylon and microfiber materials. We also make women’s lifeguard shorts that are specifically made based on what California guards asked for – shorts that are quick drying, unbinding, and that can be worn as a cover short as well.

With Original Watermen’s apparel, you can rest easy that living in your watermen lifeguard shorts will be the most comfortable ones out there. Sure, our lifeguard shorts have cargo pockets designed to accommodate MTS and XTS series Motorola radios, but throw a cell phone in there instead and you have a pair of shorts so comfortable you can run all your errands in them too – and head straight to the beach or pool.

At Original Watermen, we strive to have the most resilient lifeguard shorts in the industry. When the trunks you wear are your everyday uniform, you need to know that you’re not going to lose them to – or in – the water. Other brands of shorts can lose their color or shape, among other boardshort fatalities that will make your lifeguards extremely uncomfortable. But when you are in the industry of saving lives, you know what other lifeguards are looking for and what they need to be comfortable in their lifeguard shorts throughout their 15-hour days. 

Visit our Lifeguard Store at to check out the full line of lifeguard shorts, clothing, swimsuits etc. we offer for men, women and junior guards.

Lifeguard clothing comes with new prints, styles, cuts and comfort

At Original Watermen, our lifeguard clothing is made to withstand the strenuous and enthralling conditions lifeguards and watermen face on an everyday basis. Seasoned watermen know the level of comfort that is needed for those laborious 15-hour days, and our lifeguard clothing is made by lifeguards who have spent a lifetime in the water patrolling, surfing, swimming, paddling – you name it. Original Watermen’s lifeguard clothing started in the late ‘70s with lifeguard boardshorts being sold to local lifeguards and watermen in Carlsbad, and quickly grew to suiting the State of California Lifeguards. Now, our lifeguard clothing line outfits over 1,900 lifeguard agencies with a full line of gear and equipment.  

Original Watermen’s lifeguard clothing ranges from swimsuits and boardshorts to cold weather clothes and tees. We strive to provide the best quality and comfort in our lifeguard swimsuits, and our clothing is no different. For those chilly morning dawn patrols, we have lifeguard clothing that will keep your team warm. Our Watermen Pant is worn by guards across the country, and can be used for training and working out in colder weather. Our most popular jacket in the watermen line is our Sherpa Fleece, which features our rad Original Watermen chest logo and has warm fleece throughout.

Our lifeguard clothing is specifically inspired by all things watermen, for watermen. It takes a lifetime to Earn Your Salt, and we strive to represent that theme in the artwork featured on our tees and hoodies. One of our classic tees featuring The Duke is an artistic testament to the legend who earned His Salt. And of course, in the spirit of Earning Your Salt, we must pay tribute to the God of the Sea himself, King Neptune, depicted on tees and hoodies. Our waterwomen are often drawn to our popular Mermaid tees – another legendary water mystery. Original Watermen’s lifeguard clothing aims to represent strength in both durability and artistically with our waterman themed prints.

Tees are 100% ring-spun cotton for high quality and durability, and are often times pre-shrunk to fit well – and also helps avoid size issues when shopping via our online store. We make sure our lifeguard clothing continuously sets the bar with new prints, styles, cuts and comfort. We are bringing back the retro shorts while printing new tees and hoodies on a regular basis. Having so many different options, your lifeguards will definitely find a suit and cut that fits their needs, while still patrolling in style.

For our full line of tees, hoodies, boardshorts and other lifeguard clothing, visit our Lifeguard Store at and place an order, or give us a call at (800) 414-3181. 

The Best Lifeguard Swimsuit Manufacturer

Hey, lifeguard!  Whether you're a guy looking for board shorts, short shorts, or a gal looking for a rescue bikini or a one-piece racer tank or x-back look no farther than the Original Watermen lifeguard swimsuit line. We know Original Watermen swimsuits have been the premiere supplier of the lifeguarding industry for more than 20 years. We know what you're looking for. We know quality, comfort, and function. We also know what looks good. Our Lifeguard swimsuits are made to last and to enhance you is ability as a lifeguard to do your job. And, okay, if you want to show off, that's fine; we're cool with that. Quality guard’s lifeguards should be proud of what they do and they deserve the best lifeguard swimsuits on the planet!

A lifeguard depends on proper and durable clothing and equipment to be effective in saving lives. You can count on us to be your go-to provider for all things lifeguard. In addition to a full line of lifeguard swimsuits, we offer cold weather gear such as jackets and hoodies, tees, pants, hats, as well as lifeguard equipment such as rescue tubes, sleds, and surfboards. We're not just about bathings suits, after all. Then again, all of this lifeguard gear goes better with the best swimwear.

At Original Watermen, we pride ourselves in manufacturing the best Lifeguard swimsuits you'll find any day and anywhere in America. We want you to have the best so you can be set from months and years with only one purchase. We use only the highest quality materials so you can be confident about the durability of our bathing suits and our careful design means you'll always be comfortable and always look good whether on duty at the beach, a pool, or water park.

Come to and check out the whole line of lifeguard swimsuits, apparel, accessories and gear. We're sure you'll love what you see, and our customer service is second to none. At Original Watermen, our mission is to help you be a quality lifeguard, and in our own unique way hopefully add to the enjoyment of job.

For more lifeguard love, stop by for the only best lifeguard products on the planet. Whether its lifeguard board shorts, Lifeguard swimsuits, lifeguard rescue swim suits, apparel, or other cutting edge lifeguard equipment  give us a call for questions at 1-800-414-3181.

Lifeguard bathing suits and shorts and Junior Lifeguards at Original Watermen

Lifeguard bathing suits and shorts at Original Watermen provide only the highest quality and maximum mobility. Whether lifeguards are charging to the water or running on the beach, they are guaranteed comfort and support, while still patrolling in style. Original Watermen’s lifeguard bathing suits will have your guards going from the water to the tower comfortably and quickly, with fast-drying fabrics and stylish cuts and designs. We only use the highest performance materials in our lifeguard bathing suits, shorts and equipment, which have set the bar for performance for over three decades.

Our women’s lifeguard bathing suits come in one- and two-piece designs. Our one-piece swimsuit is designed for either lifeguard performance or recreational swimmers, while our Rescue Bikini is able to fully eliminate transparency and adds the needed support while running, specifically allowing superior comfort for guards’ 15-hour days. Also, our Men’s Watermen Stretch Boardshort is comfortable on and off patrol, and is worn by thousands of guards across the country. Your guards will want to live in these lifeguard bathing suits and shorts whether they are on or off duty. As our newest line of popular men’s boardshorts sets the bar for stretchy swimwear with the use of new, high-tech four-way stretch performance fabric that keeps you comfortable in the sun and sand.

Lifeguard bathing suits need to be a higher quality than average bathing suits to withstand the demanding conditions that lifeguards go through every day. At Original Watermen, our lifeguard bathing suits are the most resilient in the industry, outfitting over 1,900 organizations worldwide. Beginning with the first swimsuits and shorts being sold to local Carlsbad lifeguards, Original Watermen’s lifeguard bathing suits outfit ocean and pool guards from California State Parks to military Special Forces, testing and proving support and endurance. Also, we carry tees, hoodies, jackets and rash guards, among other lifeguard equipment that can fully outfit your team with any and all of your agency’s lifeguarding needs.

Original Watermen’s line of lifeguard bathing suits also outfits Jr. Guard agencies nationwide, and we carry all the equipment Junior Lifeguards need to learn and incorporate water safety. For Junior Lifeguards, we maintain the same standards and quality in junior swimsuits, shorts and clothing as for professional guards.  Most lifeguard bathing suits can be embroidered with your agency’s name and/or logo – give us a call for more information.

Check out our store’s entire line of lifeguard bathing suits, Junior Lifeguards on our Web site,, or give us a call at 1-760-599-0990.